Nusa Penida

Enjoy incredible natural charm of the Giri Putri Cave

An absolute wonder to behold, the Giri Putri cave embodies the architectural excellence of nature. Located on the hillsides, you get to experience the freshness of the Nusa Penida air and the remarkable views of the beach while approaching the entrance. The cave showcases the deep cultural heritage of the island while bringing you a magnificent layout and a spacious temple. The narrow entrance is a huge contrast to the rather spacious temple courtyard in the interior as the cave’s corners are beautifully lined white marbles. Inside, you will find pilgrims praying and you can be a part of the holy water purification ritual. Experience the beauty and serenity of the sacred site. From its gently dripping stalactites to the warm lighting, the Giri Putri cave offers you a truly transcendent experience.